Assistant Prof. Dr. Haitham K.Ali

Salaimani –Iraq

Phone: (+964)7703606127


Objective: Salaimani Technical College

  • Ph.D. degree in Electronic Engineering.
  • Standing: 1st among 10 students.
  • More than 18 years experience in teaching, research and leading research groups at university level
  • Developed new undergraduate and graduate courses.
  • Published 8 papers area of Digital /Analog Electronics and Communications. 
  • Created positive environment through use of a variety of teaching/learning strategies.
  • On Evaluated student’s achievement of learning outcomes with a variety of approaches and techniques.
  • Trained staff and end users on communications electronics.
  • Supervised B.Sc. projects in the following fields: Digital Signal Processing, Analog and Digital Electronics, Communication and Rader System, FPGA design.


  • Trained end users on feedback systems (Electronic and Communication Systems).
  • Trained end users on LUCAS-NULLE systems (Electronic and Communication Systems).
  • Matlab, Multisim, VHDL Language, and Electronic Work Bench.


  • Ph.D. in  Electronic Engineering from university  of technology, Al- Rashied  college of Engineering & science in lraq (2006).
  • in Communication and Radar Engineering from Al-Rashied college of Engineering & Science in lraq (1997).
  • in Avionics(Aviation Electronics)  Engineering from Al-Rashied college of Engineering & Science in lraq (1992).


  • Lecturer, Al- Rashied College of Engineering & Science, July. 1992- April 2004.
  • Sessional, Technical Institute of Baquba, Electrical Department, Sept. 1997 – June 2000.
  • Sessional, Diyala University, College of Engineering, Electrical Department, Sept. 1997 – June 2004.
  • Lecturer, Diyala University, College of Engineering, Electrical Department, May 2004 – May 2006.
  • Lecturer, , Foundation of Technical Education, Sulaimany Technical College, Department of Communication Engineering, June 2006 – Up to Date
  • Sessional, Sulaimani University, College of Science, Department of Computer, Sept. 2006 – June 2010.
  • Sessional, University of Human Development, College of Science, Department of Computer, Sept. 2009 – June 2012.
  • Sessional, Koya University, College of Engineering, Computer Department, Sept. 2010- June 2013.
  • Sessional, Computer Institute of Sulaimani, ICT Department, Sept. 2010 – June 2011..
  • Sessional, Dokan Institute of Sulaimani, Electronic Department, Sept. 2013 – June 2014.

Courses Delivered:

Analogs Electronics, Digital Electronics, Electrical Circuit, Calculus, Statistics and Probability, Operational Research, Digital Signal Processing, Communication Fundamentals, Electromagnatic Fields, IC Technology, FPGA – Fundamentals, Numerical Analysis.

Research Areas:

  1. FPGA 
  2. Electronics and Communication
  3. Digital Signal Processing
  4. Image Processing


  • Ali A.Ali, Haitham K. Ali, The Eeffect of Initial Phase on Resolution by MUSIC, Baghdad University-College of  Engineering Conference, 1997.
  • Haitham K. Ali, Fuzzy Controller Design of Servo System, Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 2011.
  • Haitham K. Ali, Essra Z. Mohammed, Design Artificial Neural Using FPGA, International Journal of Science and Network Security (IJCSNS), vol. 10, No. 8, Aug. 2010.
  • Haitham K.Ali, Design and Implantation of One Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit  Using FPGA, Journal of Koya University, March 2011.
  • Haitham K. Ali, Esraa Z. Mohamad, Hardware Implementation of Article Neural Network using Field Programmable Gate Array, International Conference IEEE  on Intelligent Network and Computing, Nov. 26-28, 2010, Kula Lumpur,  Malaysia.
  • Haitham K. Ali, Yasir K. Ibrahim, Mazen M. Al Hadidi, Data Hiding Using Least Significant Bit Approach, International Conference WSEAS on system, July  14-17, 2011, Corfu Island, Greece.
  • Haitham K. Ali, Yasir K. Ibrahim, A Novel AlgorithmTo Detect Changes In Surveillance Video, Int. Journal of Engineering Research and Application,  ISSN : 2248-9622, Vol. 3, Issue 5, Sep-Oct 2013.
  • Haitham K. Ali, Yasir K. Ibrahim, Energy Conservation using Voice Recognition, Journal of Information Engineering and Applications, ISSN 2224-5782 (print) ISSN 2225-0506 (online), Vol.3, No.11, 2013.


  • Union of Iraq Engineers.
  • Union of Sudan Engineers.
  • Federation of Arabic Engineers.


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