Name: Hoshyar Qadir Rasul

English (Read and written)
Arabic (read, written and spoken)
Computer efficiency: Microsoft office (Word, excel) and auto-cad.
Address: Iraq-Kurdistan region / Sulaimani-Zargata (, House no. 184)
Address work:
Ministry of higher education
Engineering technical college/ Town planning eng. Department.
Scientific address : Assistant Professor.

Recent employment:
head of town planning engineering department. (2006-2012)
Mobile No. : 009647701509989
E-mail :

Education background:
  • B.Sc. (Architectural engineering) – University of Baghdad 1989-1990 
  • M.Sc (Urban and regional planning- Environmental planning) 1996 – University of Baghdad)
  • Ph.D (Architecture Engineering- Architectural technology) 2003- University of Baghdad.

Profession activity:
  • Member of Kurdistan union of engineers-Degree of membrane: Consultant
  • Member of Kurdistan academic society.

Academic activity:
Lecture for many different subjects such as: (Architecture design- theories of design – interior design-Specification- Housing- urban design - master plan……)
Supervisor for many undergraduate and postgraduate thesises and researches.

Seminars and workshops: -
  • Planning and management (Duhok university with Dortmund university-Germany 2001).
  • Historical city rehabilitation (Balqa University with Dortmund University –Amman 2007).
  • (EIA) workshop – sulaimani- sponsored by (USAID/LGP11) 10-12 2008.
  • planning development of Kurdistan region – ministry of planning .. Aug 2010.
  • Diploma of new management directions for public and private institutions. Feb. 2014.

(Six ) researches in many different topics;
  • Architecture and technology 2003
  • An climatic optimum approach to design and planning the residential districts in the northern part of Iraq .1996
  • Housing the private cases. 2007
  • The language of technology in Architecture.2008
  • The importance of building sustainability in the preserving of the sustainable environment. 2007
  • The Informal houses as a housing types. 2008
  • Flexibility in health care campus design. 2013

Profession Activity:
- Design and supervising for many different projects as ;( CCU Hospitals- commericial building, housing complex, administrative building, school building, residential units.
* Preparing of many (EIA) reports for many projects as (cement factory – engines-oil factory and concrete block factory)
* Evaluating master plans for the municipalities of (sulaimani and kurkuk), transportation master plan management, Suliemani cultural city…
Working with;
- UN organizations (habitat; WHO)
- Public sector-private sector.

Last eng. Activity:
- since 2007 establishing the engineering bureau announced (kuristanian consultancy bureau for Studying, planning and engineering)…
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Oct 5, 2015, 6:23 AM