About Me

My name is Jabar Jalal FAQE,Holding Master of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition.

My friends describe me as I am a serious, ambitious, frank and progressive person therefore
 I really don’t like to waste valuables time with worthless subject.
I had been working professionally as an consultant since1982 from my field as Soil analyzer in construction of Mosel dam located in Iraq until 1986.

My currents educations are:
BSc. Agriculture / Depart of "Soil Science" in University of Sulymani / Iraq since 1975-1979, score Good.
IT-Base  and Computer Networking System in University of Stockholm/ Sweden since 2002- 2004, score Very good.
Ms. at Soil Science and Plant Nutrition at University of Bingol / Turkey since 2015-2017, score Excellent.

I have been living more than 21 years in Sweden as I traveling many different countries around Europe and other countries as well, I know many languages like Kurdish, Arabic, English and Swedish.

I have always looking forward for more knowledge and my upcoming projects is how can we convert wet cabbage of house holders to Environmental friendly plant fertilizer supplying nutrients for soil and plants.