Academic Profile

1-B.Sc. Agriculture / Depart of "Soil Science"
    a- Year: 1976-1980 , b- Degree : 70.74 % , c: University of Sulymaniya / Iraq
2-IT-Base and Computer Networking System
    a- Year : 11/08/2003 -22/12/2003, 10/01/2004-25/06/2004, b- Degree: Very Very Good c- Academic Kings Technical High School /Stockholm University /Sweden
3-SFE (Swedish Language for immigrate)
    a- Date: 30/12/1991-27/7/1992 ,b-Degree: Very Good ,c- Sollentuna SFE School/Stockholm/ Sweden
4-Swedish language Academic level step B /Sweden
    a- Date:09/11/2002-28/05/2003 ,b- Degree :Very Good
    c- Rudbic gymnasium School/ Sollentuna/Stockholm/Sweden
5-English language Academic level ,Step B / Sweden
    a- Date:09/11/2002-28/05/2003 ,b- Degree: Good
    c- Rudbic gymnasium School/ Sollentuna/Stockholm/Sweden 6- ETS (TOEFL IBT) “Test of English as a foreign Language” a- coordinating by the American University          of  Iraq, Sulymaniya .  b-Date: 14 Sep 2014, c- Degree: Good
6-Ms. at Soil Science and Plant Nutrition at University of Bingol / Turkey since 2015-2017, score Excellent.