1-Agriculture engineer in ministry of irrigation /Iraq/1980-1986.
2-Boss of my own company and have 8 employers / Stockholm/Sweden 1994-2003 .
3-Lecturer in Computer science institute / Foundation of Technical Education Sulaymaniya Iraq-Kurdistan Region from 10/8/2004-15/05/2011.
4-Director of Public Relations in foundation of technical education /Ministry of higher education Sulaymaniya /Iraq /Kurdistan Region from 1/03/2005-10/06/2008.
5-Director of Abroad Relation and Executive of Swedish Folk High School /Ministery of Education 2007/06/10 until 2008/10/25 . 
6-Currenrtly lecturer in Academic Agriculture Institute of Bakrajo/Ministry of Higher education and scientific research /Sulymany Polytechnic University from 16/05/201l,still.
7-Now, Master student at University of Bingol/ Faculty of Agriculture/Dept.of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition/ Turke, since 14/9/2015.