Unpublished Research Papers


Oct. 2012                                                               Investigation into the Difficulties Encountered by Kurdish Postgraduate Students in Academic Writing at the University of Sheffield: Implications for EAP Writing Tutors. MA Thesis, Department of English Language and Linguistics, Sheffield University, England


Contributions to translating books


March 2015                                                           CurriculumHuman  Rights  and  Citizenship  Education   Years  1   9”,  from English-Kurdish for a team of basic school teachers supporting by Jyan  Foundation Center


Jan. 2014                                                               International  Human  RightsTheory,  Law  and  Implementation”,  from English- Kurdish  for  physical  therapists,  psychologists,  managing  staff  of  Sulaimani,  Erbil, Kirkuk, Chamchamal, and Halabja offices of Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture