Current Role:
Without new position as the Head of Arts and Humanities Research Department at Sulaimani Polytechnic University Research Center, I am currently working as the Founder and Chairman of Kurdish Media Watchdog Organization (KMWO) since October 2017. It is a not-for-profit, non-governmental, and an independent Kurdish media aid organization. This organization aims at monitoring, watchdogging, evaluating, reporting and studying strengths, weakness, and invasions of professional standards in the convergent media contents and Kurdish journalism practices. Initially, KMWO is focusing on raising awareness on the human rights of the Iraqi Kurdish society and its populations against ignoring and unprofessionally intrusion into private lives of individuals by Kurdish media organizations and their workers.

  • January 2013-2017 PhD in Communication, Culture and Media Studies (Full-time)
Nottingham Trent University, UK: Supervised by Dr. Colin Alexander, Dr. Andreas Wittel, Dr. Janroj Kelsey
Thesis Title: Kurdish Journalism Cultures; shifting boundaries of privacy understandings and professional role orientations amongst journalists
My research is concerned about the media intrusion into private life, particularly in post-conflict and emerging democratic society of Kurdistan Region in Northern Iraq. How are the developments of media influenced by the political changes, and what is the role of media in a democratized region of Iraqi Kurdistan? What is the attitude of the media policy-makers, academics, journalists, and public figures to the development of privacy and professionalism in journalism practices in the Kurdistan Region? How can the Kurdish journalism cultures contribute to a broad knowledge of the cultural hegemony role? What is the link between political changes and privacy invasions in the Kurdish context? What is the current role of media content regulation in Kurdish legislation to protect privacy rights?

  • April – September 2012 Language Certificate of Academic English Pre-Sessional Course
University of Leicester, UK: English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU)

  • 2007 – 2010 MA Media Studies (Full-time)
  • The University of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan: Very Good
  • Dissertation: “The Right to Privacy between Law and Ethics of Journalism”

  • 2001 – 2005 BA Media Studies (Full-time)
  • The University of Sulaimani, Iraqi Kurdistan: Very Good
  • Research title: “Ethics in Kurdish Journalism; Hawllatî (Citizen) Newspaper (2000-2002) as a case study”