Academic Activities

Special Courses:

  • Certificate of completion Digital-government , ,Maastricht Schools of Management, April 2019Maastricht, Netherlands.
  • Certificate of completion 20 hours "Business Development & Employment Development" held from 23th of Jul 2017 to  1st Aug 2017, at SPU
  • Certificate of completion E-government , ,Maastricht Schools of Management, August 2015Maastricht, Netherlands.
  • Certificate of Teaching Methods Course   ,Faculty of Physical &Basic Education, University of Sulaimani , from January  to March  2015 
  • Certificate of completion Java Development – (1 Month Course), University of Sulaimani granted on 26 August 2009, Trainer Kaspar Loog. 

Presenting  in Workshop & Symposium :

  • Second National  Symposium about "Social Learning Network in higher education" in Chamchamal, Sulaimani, Kurdistanregion, Iraq on 24 April  2018
  • First National Symposium on Cloud Computing Challenges and Implementation in Higher Education, in Chamchamal, Sulaimani, Kurdistan region, Iraq.23 May 2017,
  • Workshop: Information about National Rank University in Chamchamal Technical Institute,Iraq, 16 March 2017
  • Workshop: Information about Quality Assurance  in Chamchamal Technical Institute,Iraq, 03 July 2017
Participation , Attendance at Workshop & Symposium :
  • Attending workshop  at "How to publish a paper in an international Journal”, held on 14th  September 2017 at the KScien Organization.
  • Participation at 1st International Conference on Engineering and Computing (ICEC2017),  on 22-24 August, 2017,Sulaimani, KRG, Iraq
  • Attending workshop at "First Best Paper Symposium", held on 18th May,2017 at the university of Sulaimani.
  • Attending Symposium on Data communication & Information Security" , 9 May 2017 at Technical College of Informatics, SPU, Sulaimani.9
  • The "International Conference on Current research in Computer Science & Information Technology", 27 April 2017 at  UHD, Sulaimani.
  • Attending Workshop at " How to Step to Raise SPU Ranking Nationally & Internationally ",07 March 2017, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Sulaimani,KRG, Iraq