Marital Status: Marriage 
Date of Birth: 25 Dec 1981 
Permanent Address Street: 42/Sarshaqam,Sarkani, Shorsh,Chamchamal, Sulaimani,Iraq
E-Mail Id: ,
Religion: Islam
Contact Number: +964-770 157 4742
Academic Qualifications





Aug 2012 - May 2014

SRM University/ Faculty of Science And Humantices / School of Computer Sciences /

Department of Information Technology

B.Sc Computer

Oct 2004 - June 2008

University of Sulaimani/

College of Science /

Computer Departement

Diploma Computer System

Oct 2002 - June 2004

Sulaimani Polytechnic University/ Chamchamal Technical Institute/

Computer System Department

High School

Oct 1999 - June 2002

Shekh Raza Talabani Preparatory

Job Title:
Teacher Assistant,Ministry of Higher Education /Sulaimani Polytechnic University/Chamchamal Technical Institute/
Department of Information Technology,2009 to Present.

Work Experience
  1. My work experience includes, teaching the practical lectures in the Chamchamal Technical Institute in Computer Systems Department
  2. Teaching Theory in subject (Application package,Technical Programming, System Analysis and Design, 2011,2012
  3. Teaching Practical in subject (Application package,Technical Programming, Database, C++, Java,Visual Basic ) since 2009,2010

Project Work
My work experience includes, teaching the practical lectures in the Chamchamal Technical Institute in Computer Systems Department, and supervising the students to doing their projects,Taking part the committees that was created to manage the Institute duties.

  1. Create Program to archive incoming and outgoing documents for Chamchamal Technical Institute in 2009-2010. Using (Visual Basic)
  2. Create program to management clinics System, in 2010-2011 Using (Visual Basic)
  3. For this year we are creating website for Chamchamal Technical Institute by using PHP&SQL.

Project Experience
  1. Project Work Final Project as a part of the Technical Diploma Degree, June 2004, Project Name: “Library System by Using VB6.0”
  2. Final Project as a part of the B.Sc Degree, June 2008 , Project Name: “Design the Proposal Network for College of Science”
  3. Final Project as a part of the M.Sc Degree, May 2014 ,Project Name:“SECURE MULTI-OWNER DATA SHARING FOR DYNAMIC GROUPS IN THE CLOUD” 

Technical Skills
  • Languages: VB, C ++, Java.
  • Web Application: HTML, PHP&MySQL, JSP &Servlet , CSS & JavaScript.
  • Web Designer : MS Front-Page, HTML Editor, MS Office ,Dream Weaver.
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista,Seven and 8.
  • Networking: Basic LAN Configuration.
  • Database: SQL Server, Oracle 10G

Certificate of completion Java Development – (1 Month Course),granted on August 26,2009, Trainer Kaspar Loog

Language Sills
English       Good
Arabic         Good
Kurdish      Mother language

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Date: 1 Jan 2017